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Article No. 212-WM18
Schleich WM18 incl Schablonen, 30-300rpm, Windingwidht max 400mm, 60Nm
Article No. 212-Risomat
Risomat WU05S-008 Windingspeed 0-100U/min, Number of parallel Wire Wire 5-60 by 1,32mm Wirediameter, Wirediameter max 1,6mm, Coillenght 400-1100mm, Windingstep 60-540mm,
Article No. 212-Scheiing WM24 S 100
Scheiing WM24 S 100 Statorwindingautomat
Article No. 212-SEIPP
Seipp HWM02 with epis controller, Windinglenght 570mm, Windingdiameter 770mm, Total Size 170x110xH180cm
Article No. 212-ZWS229
ATS ZWS 229 Stat-Aussenläufer-Wickelautomat - wie neu
Article No. 212-JorumatIIe
Statorwinder Jorumat II
Article No. 212-JORU2
Jorumat 2 Statorwickler
Article No. 212-STAPC
Statorwinder free programmable with PC
Article No. 212-NEWControllerOdimat
Your Odimat 2200 can be add with a cmpl new Controller
Article No. 212-StatomatWinder
Statomat Statorwinder with new Controller
Article No. 212-OdimatS
Odimat Size 3,4,5,6,7
Article No. 212-Wetzel
Statorwickelmaschine Wetzel, Spitzenhöhe 100cm, 6-230 U/min
Article No. 212-Thonke
Thonke Statorwinder
Article No. 212-AM150s
Blume and Redecker AM150 Wirerange 0,08-6,6mm Coildiameter max 500mm Coillenght 260mm
Article No. 212-Windamatic
Windamatic Statorwinder Type 02 XL6 180A Statordiameter 60mm Statorlenght 40-70mm 2200 only Hours old
Article No. 212-RisomatMF1
Risomat MF 1
Article No. 212-Needlewinder
Schümann 730 Needlewinder- 2 pcs in stock
Article No. 212-FH88
Statorwickelmaschine FH88
Article No. 212-WPA
Aumann WPA Rundtischautomat
Article No. 212-WI
Wickelschablonen div Größen
Article No. 22-SCH730
Schümann 730 Needlewinder, for three phase stotor, max Wirediameter 1,1mm,Statorlenght max 160mm, Statorinnerdiameter 60-275mm
Article No. 212-FS4202
Micafil FS 420 Statorwickelautomat für 2 und 4 polige Statore
Article No. 212-EB
Wickelmaschine Eigenbau
Article No. 212-JORU
Jorumat 4-4
Article No. 212-JorumatII
Jorumat II incl cmpl Windingchambers
Article No. 212-O2200
Odimat 2200 mit verstärktem Wickelkreuz von Risomat
Article No. 212-FW1
Statomat FW1 Statorflyerwickelr 1997
Article No. 212-ZFE
Statomat ZFE
Article No. 212-Odimat2105
Odimat 2105 like new
Article No. 212-ODI2000M
Odimat 2000 mit Haube
Article No. 212-SCHEING
Scheing WM 3002
Article No. 212-SEIPPUSWM3050
Seipp USWM 3050 With FU, Speed regulation with Potti, Start + Stop with Pedal
Article No. 212-THUMMOUT
Thumm Stator Cutting Pullout
Article No. 212-Selecta212
Schümann Selecta 212
Article No. 212-SeippStator
Seipp Statorwinder 2 Forward Speed and 2 Backway Speed 380 Voltage
Article No. 212-AumannNWS
Aumann NWS 2-400,Year 2013, 2 Spindel, Statordiameter 240mm, Statorheigh 120mm, Holediameter min 20mm, Wirerange 0,1-1,6mm, incl electronic Tensioner EB (0,4-3,0mm)
Article No. 212-Odimat2000g
Odimat 2000
Article No. 212-JorumatIIh
Jorumat II
Article No. 212-Schümannw
Article No. 22-BN
Statomat Bandagierautomat BN
Article No. 212-FS420
Micafil FS 420 Vollautomatische Statorwickelmaschine - Top Zustand
Article No. 212-StatomatM1/2
Statomat M1/2 A3 Statorwinder max 3000rpm
Article No. 212-SeippSt
Seipp Statorwinder, mechanischer Zähler, 3fach Riemenscheiben,incl 3 paar Schablonen 2x gestuft und 1x gleiche Weite
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