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Article No. 111-M20
Meteor M20 - Kurzversion
Article No. 111-Me307 101
Meteor Me 307 101 mit 9 Programmen
Article No. 111-Meteor2018
Meteor M20 with a new Interface SD Card, Monitor and Keyboard
Article No. 111-M22
Meteor M22 New Machine Year 2018, 0,02-2,0mm
Article No. 111-M20Interface
M20 with Interface, new Phillips Monitor and new USB Keyboard. Progamms on SD Card.
Article No. 1111-InterfaceSD
INterface with Phillips Monitor, USB Keyboard and SD Card
Article No. 111-Me307bl
Meteor Me307
Article No. 111-M01B16P
Meteor M01B with 16 Programms
Article No. 111-M014m
Meteor M01 with 16 Programs max Wirediameter 4mm
Article No. 111-Me301w
Meteor Me301 incl big Table and Light
Article No. 111-Me301sh
Meteor Me301 0,02-1,65mm
Article No. 111-Me301S
Me301 with strong Tork, without Wiretransfer
Article No. 111-Me301oV
Me301 without Wiretraverse, strong Nm
Article No. 1111-REV
Meteor Revisionsservice Ihrer Maschinen
Article No. 111-M23L
Meteor M23 incl active cutting for 6 Coils
Article No. 111-Me307blgr
Meteor Me30701 1 Vorwahl, Fußregler, Drahtberreich 0,01-0,5mm
Article No. 1111-Interface
Interface für Meteor M20,M23,PRA620,M60,M40
Article No. 111-Me307el
Meteor Me307 with new electronic Counter
Article No. 1111-TAST
Meteor Tastaturen - neu
Article No. 1111-DRAHTF
Diverse Meteor Drahtführer
Article No. 1111-PRACUT
Scherenbalken für PRA
Article No. 1111-W-200054
M01B Card Type W200054
Article No. 1111-M01
Controller for M01 Typ 220
Article No. 1111-MS-GU-09F
M01B Card Typ MS-GU-09F
Article No. 1111-PLATINEN
Diverse Platinen für Meteor M20, M60, PRA620- Diverse Boards for Meteor M20,M60,PRA620 etc
Article No. 1111-R301
Reibrad für den Drahtvorschub der Meteor Me301
Article No. 1111-Reibrad307
Meteor Friction Wheel for Me307
Article No. 111-ME307-01
Meteor ME307-01
Article No. 111-Me30701MZ
Meteor Me30701 mit mechanischen Zähler, 0,01-0,5mm
Article No. 111-Me30701bl1V
Meteor Me307 01 mit programmierbaren 4 Vorwahlen, Drahtbereich 0,01-0,5mm
Article No. 111-M30701
Meteor ME307-01 neuer Zähler
Article No. 111-ME-Backlack
Meteor ME307-101 / Backlackdraht
Article No. 111-M30701P
Meteor ME307-01 mit Pedal
Article No. 111-ME30701TR
Meteor Me 30701 Trapezwicklung
Article No. 111-M10
Meteor M10
Article No. 1111-Encoder
New Encoder BDE05.05A100 , BDE05.05A500 and other available
Article No. 111-Me301H
Meteor Me301
Article No. 111-Me301LT
Meteor Me301 mit langem Tisch 0,02-1,65mm
Article No. 111-M21Tailstock
Meteor M21 pneumatischer Reitstock- Wie Neu
Article No. 111-VERLEG
Automatische Verlegung zu Meteor M20
Article No. 111-ME307-101-Pillamat
Meteor ME307-101
Article No. 1111-M01
Meteor M01. Baumer
Article No. 111-M21Meteor
Meteor M21, in 2016 the Display and Motorcontroller was changed into an new, 0,01-2 mm, Windingwith 400mm, max 12000 rpm
Article No. 111-M22H
New Meteor M22 Year 2017 incl. Wireguide
Article No. 111-M21Sb
Meteor M21S Backlackdraht
Article No. 111-M11l
Meteor M11, Wirediameter 0,01-2,0mm, Width of Winding 100mm, Max Coildiameter 200mm, Travel speed 90mm/s, max 10000 rpm
Article No. 111-M21
Meteor M21 / Meteor M21S 0,01-2 mm Drahtdurchmesser Wickelbreite 400mm max 12000 U/min-ebenfalls M21ST mit doppelten Drehmoment lieferbar
Article No. 111-M01TS
Meteor M01 mit Touchscreen und Servomotor, 3 programme Speicherbar, ohne automatische Verlegung, max 4mm
Article No. 111-MeteorM20L
Meteor M20L with Interface
Article No. 111-M20-400mm
Meteor M20 with Interface new Monitor and Keyboard
Article No. 111-M01bl
Meteor M01A -one Programm, 0,02-1,65mm
Article No. 111-M307101
Meteor ME307-101 verlängert
Article No. 111-MM40
Meteor M40 0,2-4mm, max 120Nm, Coildiameter max 400mm, Coillenght 900mm, 0-3000rpm
Article No. 111-M23
Meteor M23 Vollautomat mit Monitor
Article No. 111-M12
Meteor M12 / 2Spindelwickelmaschine frei programmierbar
Article No. 111-M01long
M01 Long Version
Article No. 111-M01z
Meteor M01
Article No. 111-M20L
M20 verlängerte Version Spitzenweite 700mm, Drahtberreich 0,02-2,0mm, frei Programmierbar
Article No. 111-M01BMulti
Meteor M01B with Multiprogrammcontroller
Article No. 111-Me301Elesta
Meteor Me301 mit elektronischem Elesta Zähler
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