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Article No. 112-AumannWU
Aumann WU with PZ 1 Controller
Article No. 112-WGPZ2,5
Aumann WG300 with elektronic 12 Programm PZ1 Counter , Wirediameter max 2,5mm
Article No. 112-WGPZ25
Aumann WG 300 max Wirediameter 2,5mm, PZ1 Counter , 12 Programm, Pre and Mainstop
Article No. 112-PWD
Aumann PW PZ1 Speicherbare Drahtvorschübe, max 5mm
Article No. 112-AumannWGS1,7
Aumann WGS max 1,7mm, 2 Windingstopps programmable
Article No. 112-WGDIV
Aumann WG300
Article No. 112-AumannWG1,2mm
Aumann WG max 1,2mm elektronic Counter
Article No. 112-AWM
Aumann WML max 0,5mm
Article No. 112-AumannWG3mm
Aumann WG max 3mm
Article No. 112-AumannPW
PW max Wirediameter 5mm, Coildiameter max 280mm, Coillenght max 350mm, 12 Programms
Article No. 112-CWT
Aumann CWT - Frei Programmierbar
Article No. 112-PWMeric
Aumann PW Meric , max 5mm
Article No. 112-WUPZ
Aumann WU mit PZ 1 Zähler
Article No. 112-WUNZ
Aumann WU mit neuem Zähler, programmierbar, max 0,55mm
Article No. 112-WEL2
WE Wirediameter max 0,55mm electronic Counter
Article No. 112-WEL
Aumann WE max Wirediameter 0,55mm electronic Counter
Article No. 112-WU
Aumann WU
Article No. 112-WE
Aumann WE
Article No. 112-WG300H
Aumann WG 300 for bigger Coildiameter, max Wirediameter 2,5mm, electric Counter with 9 Programms
Article No. 112-KG6
Aumann K6 Kreuzspulenwickelmaschine
Article No. 112-TailstockWE
Tailstock for Aumann WU, others for WU, WG etc also available
Article No. 112-TWC
Aumann TW2C Frei Programmierbar, max 5mm Drahtvorschub
Article No. 112-2-5
Aumann WG300 PZ
Article No. 112-AumannWGM
Aumann WGM max Wirediameter 4mm , electric Counter
Article No. 112-WG9PRO
Aumann WG 300 mit neuen elektronischen Zähler 9 Programme.
Article No. 112-WGelek
Aumann WG 300 elektronischer Zähler , max 2,5mm ebenso mit einer Verlegeeinheit von max 1,55mm am Lager
Article No. 112-WG500
Aumann WG500
Article No. 112-WG75-2,5
Aumann WG75
Article No. 112-WG300
Aumann WG300- max Wirediameter 2,5mm- 12 Programms-Pre and Mainstop
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