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Article No. 122-StollbergS4
Stollberg S4 with Tailstock
Article No. 122-StollbergC
Stollberg S1, new Motorcontroller with WEG Motor, Coildiameter 700 mm, Coillenght 1300mm, max Wirediameter 10mm, Emergency Stop, Pedal, 3 Gears 20-150rpm, Total Size 90x230xH150cm
Article No. 122-StoS1
Stollberg S1
Article No. 122-SOS
Stollberg S OS
Article No. 122-Stollberg2,5m
Stollberg Coillenght 2900mm - Lenght of the Mandrel is 2900mm, 3 different Diameter available 450mm to max 1400mm
Article No. 112-Stollberg
Article No. 122-Stollberg1,7
Stollberg - Coildiameter 1,7m, Stock Meßkirch
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