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Article No. 127-H30
New H30. Max Coildia 1900mm,Coillength 300mm, max Coilweight 150 kg, max Torque 650kgm, Speeds 0-373rpm, 4 Kw,weight 600kg, Faceplatediameter 500mm, elektronic Brake, Inverter with electronic Foot Pedal, Safety Guard, Digital preset Counter
Article No. 127-H950
New Linear Winder H950.Windingpitch 0,1-30mm, max Cross Section 250mm,max Lenght of Coil 900mm, max Coildiameter 500mm, Speed I 0-80,II 0-300,III 0-700rpm, Weight 520 kg
Article No. 127-H31
NEW Windingmachine H31. max Coildiameter 1900mm, max Coillenght 2000mm, max weight of Coil 600 kg, max Torque 650kgm,Speeds 0-373 rpm, 4 Kw,Weight 1050kg,Faceplatediameter 500mm , optional 800mm possible
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