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Article No. 123-Micafil
Micafil with new Controller. Coildiameter 1600mm, Cooillenght 3000mm, Max Coilweight 8000kg, 7,5PS, 5,5KW, max 1600mkg, 27rpm, with presswireguide and N Meteor controller,
Article No. 123-MICR
Micafil mit Reitstock , maschinenbett ohne Verlegeeineheit
Article No. 123-MW100
Micafil MW100
Article No. 123-MicafilMW
Article No. 123-MIC
Micafil Diamater of Coil 2000mm incl Tailstock
Article No. 123-MICAF
Article No. 123-MICA
Micafil max 8mm Drahtdurchmesser
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