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Article No. 134-SiproMAB04
Sipro Aircoilautomat MAB04 Wirediameter 0,25-1,2mm, 3200 pcs per hour, Lenght ipping 24mm, 2 axes, 1KVA
Article No. 134-MBL6
Sipro MBL6 Spindledistance 80mm 2 pcs available
Article No. 134-SiproMBL12
Sipro MBL 12 available April 2019
Article No. 134-SiproMAB
6 Years old. Incl soldering and milling.
Article No. 134-SI6
Sipro MBL 6, Year 2000, Wirediameter 0,02-1,3mm, max 24000rpm, with shuttle, active cutting, incl Wiretensioners
Article No. 134-SI4
SiproMBL 4 Spindler, max 24000rpm,Spindledistance 160mm, Wirediameter 0,02-1,0mm,Year 2002,less working Hours,PC Windows
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