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Article No. 72-Tartler
Vakuumchamber Tartler 1500x1000x1000mm with Busch 250-132
Article No. 72-Vakuumbox
Vacuumchamber, Innersize H22 W24 D28cm, max -0,9bar, Venturipump, only Airpressure 1-8 bar necessary, adjustable Vacuummax 69Nl/min, Boxweight 11kg, like new 950 Eur
Article No. 72-MeierVakuumtechnik
Meier 800/V Year 1993 Innersize: Diameter 800mm, Deep zylind 915mm in Total 1000mm
Article No. 72-LEY2
Leybold Vacuum
Article No. 72-VACCH
Micafil Vac and Pressurebox Innersize Diameter 490mm, Deep 500mm, Temp max 120°C, Light inside
Article No. 72-Micafil
Micafil Vacuum Innerdiameter 660mm Deep 540mm
Article No. 72-Schmalz
Schmalz Vakuumlifter VMV-DUMMI max 500kg, Year 2001
Article No. 721-Busch
Busch R5 Vacuumpump RA004 F503- without working Hours
Article No. 721-BuschSV
Busch SV 1040 B 000INXX, 120hPa, CE, year 2000
Article No. 721-Busch025-136
Busch 025-136 2 Torr
Article No. 72-VACOF
Hereaus Vacuumofen
Article No. 72-AMS
AMS Year 2008, Siemens Simatic C7, like new, Diameter 400mm, Deep 450mm
Article No. 72-Meier2010
Meier Vakuumdruckbehälter ID1300mm,Vakuum Imprägnierbehälter 110x700mm, 2 Vorratsbehälter ,Heitzkonsole, Bhj 2010,
Article No. 72-Cario
Vacuumvergießautomat Cario mit X Y Tisch und Dosierung
Article No. 72-IMPR2
Vacuumbehälter Durchmesser 1800mm Höhe 2800mm wie Neu
Article No. 72-IMPR
Vacuumbehälter Durchmesser 2600mm Höhe 1800mm
Article No. 72-Meier
Vacuumanlage Meier
Article No. 72-IMP
Article No. 72-TR3
Tränkfix TRIII Year 1991 Innerdiameter 50cm, Deep 27cm
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