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Article No. 62-ZevatronLBX1000
Zevatron LBX 1000
Article No. 62-SOLDERPOT
Newsolderpot Several configurations of solder pots static, rotating, wave system, able to work with lead free alloys, are available for the soldering of copper wires with or without enamel insulation.
Article No. 62-KPOT
Solder Pot Diameter 60mm, Deep 40mm ONLY 1390 EUR
Article No. 62-Ers2
Ersa T2 Tigeldiameter 20mm
Article No. 62-Ersa20
Ersa T2 20mm Tigeldiameter Controller Busch and Jäger
Article No. 62-ERSA10
Ersa Tigelsize 100x30mm
Article No. 62-T09
Ersa T02 Tigelsize 170x140mm
Article No. 62-Lemachern
Big Solderpot 100x300mm Controller Fa Lemachern
Article No. 62-Sol45
Tigeldiameter 45mm
Article No. 62-Zevatron
Zevatron Digital Controller
Article No. 62-Rotadip
Rotadip RD3 Solderpot Diameter 80mm, Deep 60mm
Article No. 62-ET
Solder pot like new
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