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Article No. 61-MeteorMRT051
Meteor MRT051
Article No. 62-ZevatronLBX1000
Zevatron LBX 1000
Article No. 63-ZIPA
Selektivlötanlage InterSelect IS-I-510S, BJ 2012, ca. 500 h Laufzeit Kompaktes automatische Stand Alone und In-Line Selektiv-Lötsysteme mit Micro Drop Fluxer, Ober- und Unterheizung, mit bis zu zwei unabhängig arbeitenden wartungsarmen Lötmodulen pro Masc
Article No. 62-SOLDERPOT
Newsolderpot Several configurations of solder pots static, rotating, wave system, able to work with lead free alloys, are available for the soldering of copper wires with or without enamel insulation.
Article No. 62-KPOT
Solder Pot Diameter 60mm, Deep 40mm ONLY 1390 EUR
Article No. 62-Zevatron
Zevatron Digital Controller
Article No. 9-H160
H160 Gasproduction 160 Lt/hour
Article No. 62-ERSAT2
Ersa T2
Article No. 9-H350
H350 Gasproduction 350 Lt/hour
Article No. 9-H700
H700 Gasproduction 700 Lt/hour
Article No. 9-H1600
H1600 Gasproduction 1066Lt/hour
Article No. 9-H3200
H3200 Gasproduction 2133 Lt/hour
Article No. 61-TLOM
Meteor TLM mit Omichron Steuerung und Durchgangsprüfen
Article No. 61-TLMSP
TLM mit Spulendrehung
Article No. 9-H5200
H5200 Gasproduction 3466 Lt/hour
Article No. 61-REEF
Article No. 61-REFL
Ersa Reflow 2007
Article No. 64-PolysorbM2
Polysorb M2
Article No. 62-Rotadip
Rotadip RD3 Solderpot Diameter 80mm, Deep 60mm
Article No. 64-ESTA
ESTA SRF P 13 L Year 1999
Article No. 61-MRT051L
Meteor MRT051-L
Article No. 61-BEA
Beaver Lötrundtisch
Article No. 61-MRT-GR
Meteor MRT Lötrundtisch nur 600 Betriebsstd
Article No. 61-OMICHRON
Pillarhouse Soldering Omichron
Article No. 61-C
Pillarhouse Cadet-Flussmittel / Versiegelung, Tiefe und Zeit programmierbar
Article No. 61-MRT
Meteor MRT -wie vorhanden-as it is
Article No. 61-MAR
Marsilli Lötrundtisch FNT
Article No. 62-ET
Solder pot like new
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