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Article No. 211-WylerAWM
Wyler AWM, Armaturelenght 120-270mm, incl Pedal, Diameter max 100mm, 380Volt, 2 electronic Counter with Pre and Mainstop
Article No. 211-AumannAEW
Aumann AEW full automatic, Flyerwinder
Article No. 211-ThonkeAWR
Thonke AWR
Article No. 211-Anker
Ankerwickelmaschine Micafil Typ AWR
Article No. 211-RAMM
Ankerwickelmaschine RAMM mit pneumatischer Ankerhaltevorrichtung
Article No. 211-FuRAW180
F u R AW180 only 3 Years old
Article No. 211-FA360
Ankerwickelautomat Flyer Micafil FA 360
Article No. 211-MicafilFA376
Micafil FA 376
Article No. 211-MicafilFA411
Micafil FA 411
Article No. 211-ZihlmannZWA
Zihlmann ZWA 211-2
Article No. 211-MicafilFA375
Micafil FA375
Article No. 211-ZihlmannZWA201
Zihlmann ZWA 201
Article No. 211-MicafilTransport
Article No. 211-Armaturewinder
Armaturewinder NEW
Article No. 211-CO
Cogsdill Wellenpolierer CX 1-2
Article No. 211-AWR
Thonke AWR Armaturewindingmachine
Article No. 211-WAG
Aumann WAG
Article No. 211-AUM
Aumann Ankerwickelautomat
Article No. 211-Thonke AWR
Thonke AWR mit Tisch und Thonke Drahtabroller
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